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Hi there!  Welcome to my home page, which I intend to be an authentic and inspiring creative expression of who I am.   Come on in -- the water's fine!  My hope is that this web site will let you share in the joy I am experiencing as I practice living my life purpose.

This site has two primary purposes - it's both a repository for my technical and academic contributions, from my days as a researcher and entrepreneur in network protocols and content distribution networks.  In this role, it serves as a resource for my consulting practice:

However, most of my focus has moved to my new company, Core Coaching, and to the books I'm currently writing.  Please feel free to check it out!

The second purpose of this site is as a way of connecting with my friends and family, primarily concerned with my interests, my purpose, and my photos.  Other photos can be found at whetten.smugmug.com.  Enjoy! 

For those of you who are curious as to what I have been up to, or that I have dropped out of touch with -- I am still here, and haven't dropped off the earth.  When Talarian got acquired by TIBCO in April 2002 I took some much needed time off, and then picked up yet another graduate degree, this time in Spiritual Psychology -- a combination of leadership training, emotional intelligence, communication skills, personal and spiritual transformation, and coaching training.  After commuting to Santa Monica for a year, I moved down here in September of 2003, and am rapidly growing attached to the beaches here.  After spending the last six years immersed in full time personal and spiritual growth, I've now switched my career over to life and executive coaching, and am loving it!  I get up every day, and pretty much do exactly whatever it is that I most want to do that day.  Leaving high tech was scary and challenging at first, but now I am SO grateful that I followed my heart!

With 2007, I am primarily focused on enjoying life, connecting with dear friends and loved ones, and growing my coaching practice - to rave reviews from all concerned (it is so wonderful to be getting such incredible internal and external feedback to let me know I am on purpose!).  I am also engaged in some writing I'm really happy with, service, continued training (I am a permanent student), seminar facilitation, and JOY!

So, I am continuing to avoid anything remotely resembling a boring life, and am enjoying myself immensely.  What a great concept, that growth and service can feel SO good!

My permanent email address is brian@whetten.net.  I finally resorted to putting a challenge/response spam filter in place, so if you get an email from whetten@vqme.com asking you to verify that you're a real person, please follow it.  It will only take 15-30 seconds, and you will only have to do this one time.  Thank you!

I hope you are well!

Namaste, (I bow to the divine within you)


P.S. This site was built in 2005, and the last update was in 2007. For more recent information, please visit www.corecoaching.org, www.sellingbygiving.net, www.integralcoaching.org, and whetten.smugmug.com (for pictures!) You can also connect with me on Facebook and Linked In.


Copyright 2007 Brian Whetten